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Pushing the boundaries of quality, style & comfort

Fairtex has a clear mission to produce only the highest quality Muay Thai and fight sport equipment.

Established in 1958, Fairtex is recognised as a leading brand and authority in the world of Thai Boxing thanks to their reputation for innovation and integral participation at every level of fight sports.

  • Contoured hand compartment
  • High density triple layered foam
  • Snug fit to avoid finger and wrist injury

The Fairtex FMV9 Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts have a unique contoured hand design that is engineered to fit the trainers hands.

The ultra lightweight triple layered foam constructed from latex allows for maximum protection while the padded hand compartment protects the trainers hands, helping to avoid finger and wrist injury whilst still being easy to slip on and off.
Handmade in Thailand these mitts allow for agile pad-holding whilst ensuring maximum comfort and protection.
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