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Pushing the boundaries of quality, style & comfort

Fairtex has a clear mission to produce only the highest quality Muay Thai and fight sport equipment.

Established in 1958, Fairtex is recognised as a leading brand and authority in the world of Thai Boxing thanks to their reputation for innovation and integral participation at every level of fight sports.

The Fairtex SP5 shin guards are designed to offer a natural feel whilst providing maximum protection. Fairtex have used a stitching-free system between the shin and foot to avoid causing injury and discomfort.

Handmade in Thailand from durable Syntek leather with double layers of high impact foam core with extended side and top protection to offer maximum protection of the shin, knee and calf muscle.

There is no metal loop on the back of the shin guard making these safe and acceptable to be used in both sparring and amateur fights.

Please use the size chart above to ensure you order the correct size to suit you!

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