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Raja Boxing is a world-renowned maker of high-quality boxing equipment. Their reputation is garnered from the vast experience of those in our company.

Their equipment has passed the approval of countless fighters, camps/gyms, as well as the Governing Body of Boxing/Muay Thai in Thailand. From the designs to manufacture they pride themselves works with originality, supreme quality, and class.

  • Semi Leather
  • Made in Thailand
  • Handmade

Our Muay Thai gloves are available in sizes 8oz to 16oz.

The greater the weight of the gloves, the more padding they have which leads to a larger size. However, there is only a small difference in the size of the internal compartment of the gloves, so you should not pick a weight based on the size of your hands, but rather the activity they are intended for.

The best person to advise on what size gloves you should buy is your trainer. If in doubt, 16oz gloves are a safe betas they can be used for everything.

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